Prayer items 祷告事项



Thank God for 感謝神:

  • Purchase of 3 Woodthorpe Drive Church by Grace MC was settled smoothly.
    感恩堂順利購買3 Woodthorpe Drive教堂。
  • The Pastor retreat (20-22/11/18), the 17th AC Session (22-25/11/18), the 12thAC Adult & Women Fellowship Combined Retreat and the 24thYouth Convention were carried out smoothly.
  • Christina Cheong has been ordained as an Elder.
  • We have four new pastors joining our Conference. They are Rev Tong Tang, Rev Wei Lin, Pastor Sean Kao and Pastor Ivan Low.

Supplication 代禱事項:

CMCA – Pray for 為年會禱告:

  • Bishop Albert Wong and the new teamwork together to build “A church after God’s own heart.”Ask God to help all our church members to abide in the Lord to bear much fruit.
  • God to call more people to take up LAMM courses to equip themselves to be local preachers, or to be full-time workers in God’s Kingdom.
  • The ministries and mission work of Methodist Medical & Mission in Cambodia, PNG & Nepal.

Local Churches– Pray for 為牧區堂會禱告:

  • All the local churches/ preaching centers to work together with the Annual Conference to implement all the plans adopted by the Conference for 2019.
  • All the local churches/ preaching centers will focus on the following areas: Strengthening our faith, Sharing the gospel, Making disciples, Caring for the community and Reaching out to the world.
  • All the pastors to serve faithfully in the local church or preaching center that he or she has been appointed.

CMCA Pastors – Pray for 為牧者禱告:

  • The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all the pastors and their families.
  • Our 3 District Superintendents, Rev Dr Albert Chiew, Rev Elijah Chew and Rev Alexis Lui for grace, wisdom and strengthen to co-ordinate the ministries in each district.
  • Rev Pek Kui Kwang and Rev Neng Soon Pang for God’s healing.

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