Bishop’s Schedule 会督行程表

Jan – Mar, 2020

4/1/2020             Conduct Methodist Night in Sydney

5/1/2020             Preach at Carlton MC & Redeemer MC (3rd Anniversary)

10-21/1/2020      Lead a team of 42 people to Israel & Jordan.

22-25/1/2020      Annual leave

2/2/2020              Preach at Trinity MC

8/2/2020              Conduct 1st Local Conference of Camberwell MC

9/2/2020               Preach at Preston MC

15/2/2020             Attend Family Seminar at Glory MC

16/2/2020             Preach at Camberwell MC

22/2/2020             Conduct Methodist Seminar at Perth

22/2/2020             Talk on “Book of Colossians” at Kingsway MC

23/2/2020             Preach at Grace MC; Conduct 1st LC at Calvary MC;

23/2/2020             Preach at Immanuel MC Evening service

29/2/2020             Conduct Methodist Night in Adelaide

1/3/2020               Preach at Holy MC

5-10/3/2020          Visit Solomon Islands 溢恩堂

13/3/2020              Board on the Ministry Meeting

14/3/2020              Executive Board Meeting

15/3/2020              Preach at Monash MC

19-22/3/2020         Attend CMCNZ Provisional Conference 


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