Bishop’s Schedule 会督行程表


3/5/19                MMM Board of Directors Meeting

5/5/19                Preaching at Camberwell MC (2 services)

12/5/19              Visiting & Preaching at Canberra PC

17-19/5              LAMM Teaching “Biblical Interpretation”

24-26/5              LAMM Teaching “Biblical Interpretation”

27/5                    LAMM Board of Director Meeting


2/6                      Preaching at City Light MC

13/6                    Attending Board of Missions Meeting

16/6                    Preaching at Faith MC (Hobart)

24/6                    Attending WFCMC 神学委员会会议 (Singapore)

27/6                    Meeting with three District Superintendents

28/6                    BOM Meeting

29/6                    EB Meeting


6-7/7                   Visiting & Preaching at Kingsway MC & Hope MC (Perth)

9-10/7                Attending WFCMC 理事会会议 (Sibu)

28/7                       Visiting & Preaching at Carlton MC & Redeemer MC (Sydney)



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