Bishop’s Schedule 会督行程表


6/1/2019         Preaching at Camberwell MC 於謝恩堂主日証道

13/1/2019       Preaching and conduct 1st Local Conference in EMP MC 於福恩堂主日証道並主持第一次牧區議會

20/1/2019       Preaching at Praise MC and Burnie PP 於頌恩堂及Bernie佈道站主日証道

27/1/2019       Preaching at Preston MC 於懷恩堂主日証道

3/2/2019         Preaching at City Light MC 於沐恩堂主日証道

10/2/2019       Preaching at Trinity MC  於三一堂主日証道

17/2/2019       Preaching at Monash MC 於思源堂主日証道

24/2/2019       Preaching at IMC and Calvary MC 於神恩堂及真恩堂主日証道


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