Australia West District 澳西教区


教区长 District Superintendent:

林良敏牧师 Rev Shirley Ling  0434 225 199






Perth, Western Australia

感恩堂 Grace Methodist Church
3 Woodthrope Drive, Willetton, WA 6155
主日崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service:
9:00am (华语Mandarin)/11:00am (英语English)

主理牧师 (Minister in Charge):
林良敏牧师 Rev Shirley Ling
协理Associate Minister :
郑义强牧师 Rev Tony Tang 

神恩堂 Immanuel Methodist Church
33 Cloister Ave,. Manning, WA 6152
主日崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service:
9:00am (华语Mandarin) at IMC
11:15am (英语English) at IMC
CVPP 布道站 4:00pm(华语Mandarin) at The Billabong Uniting Church, 40 Liffey St, Canning Vale WA 6155.

主理牧师(Minister in Charge):
陈芳恩牧师 Rev Michael Ting  0422 243 770
Associate Minister协理:
蓝秉贤牧师 Rev Pin Hien Lam 
助理传道 (Assist. pastor) :
李翌㬢傳道 Ps Sophia Yee She Lee  0415 090 874

信望堂 Hope Methodist Church
28-32 Nicol Road, Parkwood, WA 6147.
Mailing Address: 17 Strutt Way Noranda, WA 6062
主日崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service:
4:00pm (华语/英语Mandarin/English)

主理牧师 (Minister in charge):
羅雅各牧师 Rev Jacob Law  0435 472 310

蒙恩堂 Kingsway Methodist Church
38-40 Kingsway, Nedlands, WA 6009
Tel: +61 893 899 248
主日崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service:
9:00am (华语Mandarin)/11:15am (英语English)

代理Supply Minister: 
高秋雄牧师  Rev Sean Kao  0449 286 499
助理 Assistant Minister:
刘智恩牧师 Rev Ivan Low 

宣恩堂 Gospel Methodist Church
62 Royal St. Kenwick, WA 6107
Postal Address: 34 Firefalls Close, Huntingdale, WA 6110
Tel: +61 893 988 220
主日崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service:
9:00am 10:00am (华语Mandarin/ 英语English)

主理牧师(Minister in Charge):
丁华镇牧师 Rev. HwaJin Jung  0402 141 544

真恩堂 Calvary Methodist Church
4/41, Action Road, Malaga WA 6090
主日崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service:
10:30am (华语Mandarin/ 英语English)

主理牧师(Minister in Charge):
苏本仁牧师 Rev. Allen Su  0424 685 582

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