Appointment for 2019


CMCA Bishop:黃永森牧師 Rev Dr Albert Wong (2019-2022)

Board of Appointment 委派部

Australia West District 澳西教区

Church 堂会 Ministers 牧者
Kingsway Methodist Church
Minister in Charge 主理: Rev. Ping Hien Lam 蓝秉贤牧师Assistant Pastor助理: Pastor Sean Kao 高秋雄传道
Immanuel Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Allen Su 苏本仁牧师
Assistant Minister 助理: Rev. Alan Lau 刘孙宏牧师
Assistant Minister 助理: Pastor Ivan Low 刘智恩传道
Gospel Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Hwa Jin Jung 丁华镇牧师
Hope Methodist Church
Supply Pastor代理:
Pastor Michael Ting 陈芳恩传道
Calvary Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Dr. Albert Chiew 周政强牧师
Grace Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Milton Nee 林宝强牧师
Assistant Minister 助理: Rev. Shirley Ling 林良敏牧师

Australia East District 澳东教区

Church Ministers
Sherwood Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Samuel Chiu 邱品尧牧师Assistant Minister助理: Rev. Sean Kong
Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church 褔恩堂 Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Alexis Lui 雷少康牧师
Associate Minister协理: Rev. David Tay 郑日强牧师
Carlton Methodist Church
Supply Minister代理: Rev. Kam Loong Lee 李金龙牧师Assistant Minister助理:  Rev. Tony Tang 郑义强牧师
Redeemer Methodist Church
Supply Minister代理:
Rev. David Tiong 张济富牧师
Canberra Preaching Centre
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Alvin Liik 陆同佑牧师

Australia South District 澳南教区

Church 堂会 Ministers 牧者
Goodwood Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Dr. Gloria Ling 林文光牧师
Associate Minister协理: Rev. Peter Yong 鄢禮银牧师
Holy Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Christina Cheong 钟美琼牧师
Praise Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Ching  Jong Kwang 官清忠牧师;
Faith Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Kong Eing Tiong 张功荣牧师
City Light Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Neng Soon Pang 彭能顺牧师
Preston Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Scott Ang 洪南明牧师
Glory Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. Yu Ngee Houng 方友义牧师
Monash Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理:
Rev. James Kong 康祥文牧师
Trinity Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Michael Lau 刘晋褔牧师
Assistant Pastor助理:Rev. Wei Lin 林伟牧师
Assistant Pastor助理:Ps John Smith 传道
Camberwell Methodist Church
Minister in Charge主理: Rev. Elijah Chew 周家熹牧师Associate Minister协理: Rev. Tiong Ting Ling 林忠儐牧师Assistant Minister助理: Rev. Jian Hua Yu 于建华牧师Assistant Minister助理: Rev. Charlie Cai 蔡晓明牧师

Resident Bishop 駐任會督:
Bishop Dr Albert Wong 黃永森會督

Youth Director:
Rev. Alan Lau 刘孙宏牧师
Rev. Sean Kong
Secondment to MST:
Rev. Dr. Yuk Chong Liong 廖玉強牧師

Mission District:
Solomon Islands 所羅門群島 溢恩堂
Supply Pastor 代理: Pastor Esther Yung 楊小琳傳道

Retired Elders of the Conference:

Rev. Meng Tee Gan
Rev. Wen Ping Loi
Rev. Peck Kui Kwang
Rev. Dr. James Ha
Rev. Dr. Michael Tan
Rev. Paul Wong
Rev. Dr. Justin Tan
Bishop Emeritus Dr. James Kwang


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