Prayer items 祷告事项

感恩及代祷事项 (2018年1-2月):Pray-Together


  • 眷顾保守官会督与会督娘所有的行程平安顺利及牧者领袖们忠心耿耿执行任务。
  • 在各牧区堂会和布道所全力以赴之支持下,年会的经济需求得供应。
  • 官会督夫妇于03-15/02率领牧者夫妇,教会领袖夫妇远旅圣地,参与者都经历一段没齿难忘的时光,且多人遇见了主!
  • 一月份于澳西、澳东所举办的红本、紫本门徒导师培训并所有受训者都整装待发去开办门徒课程。
  • 为卫理大厦空房提供租户。



  • 上帝继续带领和指引所有牧者们在2018年执行所委托的事奉并传讲教导今年主题“转化教会,改变社体”。
  • 所有年会的牧区堂会/布道所都重视祷告和禁食。
  • 所有卫理公会的堂会/布道所抓紧建立门徒的异象,并且参与宣教的行列及成立立约小组。
  • 主呼召年青人在真道事奉和宣教学院课程上装备自己,以便在神的国度里成为本处传道和全职工人。
  • 上帝供应宣教部在本地及海外事工所需要的款项。祷告神的子民继续参与并支持每日1元的宣教基金。
  • 卫理医疗和宣教团队所需的资金及其事工,帮助和接触国家如柬埔寨,尼泊尔和巴布亚新几内亚的贫困人民。


  • 所有牧区堂会/布道所在2018年能与年议会齐心去落实年会通过的所有的计划。
  • 感恩堂、圣恩堂、信恩堂和西北布道站尚需的建堂款项。
  • 所有被委派至各牧区堂会/布道所的牧者们都能尽心竭力牧养治理教会。会众积极参与教会的服事并慷慨解囊各堂会经济的需求。


  • 牧者们有健康的身心灵。求神使用祂的仆人来牧养祂的子民并扩展祂的国度。
  • 官佰全会督和会督娘有健壮的体力与充沛的恩典及精力来应付诸多的事奉。
  • 三位教区长林宝强牧师、林忠傧牧师及雷少康牧师都有从神而来的恩典、智慧来安排各教区的事工。
  • 为着在宣教区巴布新几内亚服事的吴庆明牧师、蔡晓明牧师及师母、官清义姐妹、  陈美华牧师,王涛传道及师母和所有弟兄姐妹的安全及健康祷告。
  • 为杨小琳传道在所罗门岛屿布道所之事奉祷告。



  • Thank God for:
    • all the safe travel of Bishop & his wife Kim, and for all the Pastors & Leaders in their faithful labor in carrying out their various ministries faithfully.
    • meeting all the financial needs of the Annual Conference having the full support from all the local churches and preaching centers.
    • the Pastors and their spouses, leaders and the spouses for Bible Land Pilgrimage Trip from 3 to 15 February. All their participants had a memorable time, and many had an encounter with the Lord.
    • the Disciple Red and Purple Facilitators training carried out in Australia West and Australia East in January. All those who were trained are ready to take up Disciple Class.
    • providing tenants for the Methodist House vacant rooms.


CMCA – Pray for:

  • God’s to continue to lead and guide all the Pastors to carry out the various ministries entrusted to them in the new year 2018 to continue to preach and teach on the theme of “Reforming the Church, Transforming the Community”.
  • All the CMCA local churches / preaching centers to keep focusing on the importance of prayer and fasting.
  • All the Local Churches / Preaching Centers to catch on the vision of Disciple making, and their involvement in Missions, and to form Covenant Disciple Groups.
  • More young people to take up LAMM Courses to equip themselves to be local preachers, or to be fulltime workers in God’s Kingdom.
  • The Lord to provide the monthly expenses of Board of Missions for mission work around Australia and overseas. Pray that His people will continue to support and give $1 a day to the Mission fund.
  • the fund needed for the Methodist Medical & Mission ministries and mission work in helping and reaching out to those underprivileged in countries like Cambodia, Nepal & PNG.

Local Churches – Pray for:

  • All the local churches/ preaching centers to work together with the Annual Conference to implement all the plans adopted by the Conference for 2018.
  • The building fund required for the Grace Methodist Church, Holy Methodist Church, Faith Methodist Church and Burnie Preaching Point.
  • All the pastors to serve faithfully in the local church or preaching center that he or she has been appointed. The members to give generously towards the various funds for ministries in the local churches.

CMCA Pastors and their families – Pray for:

  • The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all the pastors. Pray for God to use his servants to minister to His people and to further God’s Kingdom.
  • Bishop Kwang & Kim for good health, and sufficient grace and strength for safe travel and to cope with the many ministries engagement.
  • Our 3 District Superintendents, Rev. Milton Nee, Rev. Tiong Ting Ling and Rev. Alexis Lui for grace, wisdom and strength to co-ordinate the ministries in each District.
  • King Ming Wu, Rev. Mei Hua Chan and Rev Xiao Min Cai & his wife, Vanessa, Pastor Stephen Wang & his wife Maggie who are serving in our Mission District in PNG and all the brothers and sisters in PNG. Please pray for protection and good health.
  • Pastor Esther Yung serving in Solomon Islands Preaching Centre.

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