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宣告基督的信仰 将圣经的圣洁传遍全地
Proclaim our faith in Jesus and to spread scriptural holiness over the land




【Methodist News】 in Australia welcomes readers to place notices and advertisement in the bi-monthly bulletin . Such notices  include a note of congratulations on a  marriage, anniversary, graduation, birthday, joyous occasion, a note of condolence for deceased member of the family or a special note of commemorations. The cost is dependant on the size of the note /advertisement :

Full page  – $1,000
Half page –  $500
Quarter page – $250

Your contributions  will help to meet some of the  publication costs and we hope that you would contribute generously as you support this ministry.  If interested , please contact our  Executive editor  Rev Jian HuaYu , mobile number:  0417 479 734.  Email:


  1. 本报欢迎主内弟兄姐妹惠赐各类体裁之文稿。
  2. 本报对一切来稿有取舍及删改权。且所有原稿并不退还。
  3. 投稿请采用简体打的文字档(Word File)并电邮至
  4. 所有文章执笔者之观点,不代表本会之立场。

Guidelines for Contribution of Articles:

  1. We welcome brothers and sisters to contribute articles of all kinds of genres.
  2. We maintain the rights on editing and selection of all articles, further more, all articles received will not be returned.
  3. For all articles in Chinese language, please use Simplified Chinese Characters in typing your article, store as a WORD file and send to by email.
  4. The writer’s point of view of all articles does not represent the views of CMCA .

文字事业部编辑委员会 Publishing Team

官佰全会督 Bishop James Kwang

顾问 Adviser:
刘利宇牧师 Rev. Dr. Timothy Lau

总编辑 Chief Editor:
雷雯冰牧师 Rev. Wen Ping Loi

执行编辑 Executive Editor:
于建华牧师 Rev. Jian Hua Yu

设计 Design:

编辑委员 Board Members:
康祥文牧师 Rev. James Kong
方友义牧师 Rev. Yu Ngee Houng

发行 Publisher:
澳洲基督教华人卫理公会 Chinese Methodist Church in Australia

地址 Address:
1219, Dandenong Road, East Malvern, VIC 3145, Australia.

联络 Contact: 电话/传真 telephone/facsimile : (+613) 9994 7250

电邮 Email:

2.2018  238 期 中文版 (全彩色)

2.2018  Issue 238 English (Full Color)


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2.2018 Issue 238 期
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8.2017 Issue 235 期
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